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Our Objective:

To assist chemistry students in achieving their highest possible potentials through the implementation of a system of resources designed to methodically develop a thorough understanding of any high school chemistry curriculum

The High School Chem Solutions Teacher's Resource Package includes:

93 Slide Show Lectures

The ninety-three slide show lectures cover virtually every topic that appears in a high school chemistry curriculum. Most individual slide shows cover a single topic. This allows teachers to easily select the specific lectures that link together to traverse all of the learning expectations within their curriculums. When a slide show covers more than one topic, the two are so closely linked that they would most likely be included in the same course.

Lectures focus on the major concepts involved and include several example problems. Solutions for the example problems come up one step at a time to keep students engaged and thinking.

Lecture Notes for Teachers

The teacher's notes provide a thorough coverage of the content.

Lecture Outlines for Students

The students' notes contain six slides per page and have space to add addition details during the discussion. As the major concepts are written on the slides and included in these outlines, students are able to spend more time focusing on the teacher's explanations. The solutions to the example problems are left blank and come up one step at a time in the presentations. This allows the teacher to isolate points for discussion and prompt students to offer solution strategies. These outlines also keep students' notebooks organized.

We invite you to peruse the students' lecture outlines for several of the slide shows, in order to gain a better understanding of the breadth, depth and flow of these lessons.


Each lecture has an associated worksheet with practice problems that re-enforce the learning objectives from the lesson.

Solution Keys

Each worksheet comes with an answer key that provides detailed solutions and explanations for all problems.

The lessons in this package cover the following units:

Atomic Theory, Nomenclature, Stoichiometry, Chemical Bonding, Intermolecular Forces, Solutions, Redox Reactions, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Gases, Solids, Electrochemistry, Acids and Bases, Kinetics, Nuclear Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry.

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